The Hot Stone Hand and Foot Treatment Experience…

2 MINUTE READ Indeed, the hot stone hand and foot treatment was an experience; a very lovely and dreamy experience.  I was lucky enough to receive from Amber! It started with her massaging my hands and arms with oil. She slowly and gently started to incorporate the hot stones into the strokes. It wasn’t long … Continued

The Science Behind Meditation

3 MINUTE READ  Meditation As defined by the Gale Encyclopedia of Alternative Medicine “Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization , the breath, movement or attention itself in order to increase awareness”. Meditation practices have been in practice for thousands of years. Meditation practice can be tracked back to it’s … Continued

What? I have to do stuff after a massage?

Brittany Lee-Anderson 3 minute read What “should” you do right after a massage? What I recommend is relaxing.  Going for a walk, take a nap, do some gentle yoga, go out or food etc. Just have fun and live your life! A huge contributing factor of pain is stress and any practice that reduces stress … Continued

Mother’s Day Massage Packages 2017

$99 60 Minute Renewal Package for Mom    $139 90 Minute Renewal Package for Mom    *When purchasing gift cards in MindBody Online you may be asked to create an account and login, we ask that you please take this extra step to make tracking your gift card purchase and ensuring it was sent to … Continued

Don’t Forget To Breathe

Brittany Lee-Anderson 2 Minute Read The breath should be automatic right? The body should know instinctually how to  breathe, otherwise wouldn’t we perish? Definitely, but how we breathe is key. For different reasons most of us rarely breathe to our fullest capacity, therefore depriving ourselves of the precious energy producing molecule called oxygen. Stress is a huge contributing factor that creates unconscious constriction … Continued

New Client Spring Special

Spring Special! All new guests at Amara will receive a free welcome gift! Clients may choose from a hand blended herbal tea or soothing floral salt soak. New guests can also book their first treatment and save $10 on our regular 60 minute rate when booking Monday – Friday between the hours of 9:30-12:45.  If you are … Continued

Massage From a Client’s Perspective

2 MINUTE READ Hello my name is Suzy, I am the front desk manager at Amara. I started working at Amara about a year and a half ago. When I started I had received less than a handful of professional massages. My only experience with massage was through my mom, who would receive massages on … Continued

More Pressure Is Not Always Necessary

Brittany Lee-Anderson 2 Minute Read Don’t get me wrong, pressure is great! Using pressure to relax tight muscles is a great tool for the right moment, for the right scenario, for the right time. When I am working on your muscles, I am working on living, intelligent tissue that holds the memory of your entire … Continued

Individual Discount Packages Now Available

You asked and we are listening! We will now offer individual packages of our 60 and 90 minute custom massages in quantities of 5 sessions for a $25 total discount ($5 discount per treatment). Packages are for individual purchase only and are NON-Transferable! If you are ready to commit to consistent massage treatments so that … Continued

Apprentice LMT Massage Savings!

Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness has launched our new pilot apprenticeship program! Save $15 off our regular 60 minute rate of $75 and see a new, licensed massage therapist who has just joined the field for just $60/60 minutes.  In exchange you will be emailed a short google form where we ask that you offer critical … Continued