Frequently Asked Questions

Thank you for choosing to celebrate your special event at Amara Massage! We have several important policies that every client needs to be aware of prior to visiting.

Large parties/hotel guests should be aware:

1. Amara Massage operates independently of The Armstrong Hotel. Alcohol is not permitted on our premises, and we discourage alcohol consumption prior to receiving massage. You can read more about this policy further down on FAQ #4.

2. Email address and phone number for every member needs to be provided at booking. The Health History Intake form we require every client to sign is tied to the client’s contact info.

3. Please be mindful to keep voice volume low when in our waiting area out of respect for other clients in session.

4. Clients who violate our Sexual Harassment Policy (stated in our Health History Intake form) will be asked to pay for their session in full for the therapist’s time and to leave the studio.

Although certainly not asked frequently, it is a question that we want to clearly address. Amara specializes in therapy driven, professional massage only. Any sexual innuendo, advance or remark towards a practitioner or staff member of Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN. Any client soliciting Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness for sexual massage may be reported to Fort Collins Police immediately and will still be responsible for the full cost of services booked. If you are looking for something other than professional massage services we ask that you do not contact us!

AMT&W has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy towards any behavior that could be categorized as sexual harassment. This policy applies to employees and ALL INDIVIDUALS who enter our business. Guests who sexually harass staff members will no longer be permitted to book appointments and may also be pursued by authorities if the violation is serious or physical. Guests who feel they may have been harassed are encouraged to immediately report all complaints to our management team.

No, it is unsafe to take pain killers, drink alcohol or consume other mood altering substances before a massage because it might potentially hinder your ability to give accurate feedback on your experience. We ask that you do not drink alcohol, take pain killers, ingest illegal substances or other mood altering substances before your massage as it is contraindicated for a safe massage. If you arrive for a massage appointment intoxicated you will be asked to reschedule your appointment and still be responsible for paying for that day’s session.

We ask everyone to arrive at least 5 minutes before their appointment start time. You will receive a confirmation email when you book your appointment, as well as a reminder email the day before your appointment. This email will contain a link for you to fill out a digital health history form, if you have not done so at a previous visit. This email will also contain the details of our cancellation policy, and other relevant information pertaining to your visit.

When you arrive for your appointment, there will be an iPad at the front desk kiosk that you will check-in at. After check-in, your practitioner will retrieve you to discuss your goals for the session and review your health history or intake. This is an opportunity for you to let your therapist know what areas (if any) you would like to focus on. In addition, as part of our inclusive experience, your therapist will check in to see what table temperature and pressure preferences are.

We are here to make your massage experience the best you have ever had, so please don’t hesitate to ask if you need anything adjusted during your session!

For new guests, to ensure you receive your full amount of massage time please complete your online Intake & Disclosures  form BEFORE your first appointment! If you need to fill out at the center please arrive at least 15-20 min early for your appointment. Thank you

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 Therapist Training & Experience / Limitations of Massage Therapy

All of the massage therapists working at Amara have completed a minimum of 500 hours of massage training from a state-approved school and passed the state licensing requirements. Therapists at Amara are knowledgeable in a variety of techniques. We have therapists who specialize in prenatal massage and Thai massage (this style includes heat packs, stretching and light compression). Massage therapists do not diagnose medical diseases or musculoskeletal conditions. Massage therapy is not a substitute for medical examination and or treatment. Massage therapists do not prescribe herbs or drugs, including aspirin or ibuprofen, or medical treatments. They do not perform spinal adjustments and they cannot counsel clients about emotional or spiritual issues as would be provided by a mental health professional or spiritual adviser.

If you experience symptoms that lead you to believe you may have a medical condition, it is recommended that you visit a physician for diagnosis and treatment.




Expectations and Rights

The client is expected to demonstrate good hygiene and not use illegal drugs or alcohol before the session (the use of drugs and alcohol make it unsafe for a client to receive massage). Clients and therapists are expected to refrain from any behavior of a sexual nature, including sexual jokes, nicknames, or immodest conduct. Sexual behavior from the therapist toward a client is grounds for therapist termination and may lead to a formal complaint filed with the state board of massage. This may lead to the loss of the therapist’s license. Sexual behavior from the client toward the therapist is inappropriate and will lead to the termination of the session and refusal of further service.

The client has a right to prompt, professional service in an environment that is clean, private, and safe. Client information is not shared with any members of the public or other health-care providers unless the client releases the information in writing. A court of law may order the client’s health-care records released to the court as part of a legal proceeding. Therapists are obligated to report information about the abuse of a child, elderly person, or mentally or physically challenged person in the event that such information is related during the session. Therapists are obligated to report threats of self-harm, or threats that the client plans to harm another person, to authorities. The client has the right to end the session at any time should they feel dissatisfied or uncomfortable with the session in any way. Clients who are dissatisfied with a therapist are encouraged to contact the general manager. Formal complaints can be filed with the state on their website:



Your Massage Session and Adverse Massage Reactions

After you complete the health intake form, the therapist will take you to a private treatment room, review the form with you, and discuss your goals for the session. The therapist will customize the massage to meet your specific needs within the limits of his or her training and scope of practice. The therapist will then leave the room while you undress and position yourself under the drape on the massage table. Only the area being massaged at the time is undraped as the session proceeds. The breasts, genitals, and anus are never undraped during a session, and every effort is made to respect and protect both the client’s and therapist’s modesty. You may leave on your underclothing if you prefer. While the therapist will ask you a few questions—for instance, about the comfort of the stroke pressure, room temperature, or choice of session music—and you should let the therapist know immediately if you are not comfortable, other conversation during the session is generally discouraged. Silence allows you to relax fully and enjoy the session.

Massage may lead to adverse reactions in certain situations or when used with certain conditions or medications. The massage therapist will evaluate your health-history intake and ask you questions to make sure it is safe for you to receive massage. In the event the massage therapist is uncertain that massage will be of benefit to you, he or she may ask you to provide a note from your physician stating that it is safe for you to receive massage. Please provide complete details of medical conditions and medications to your massage therapist during the health-intake interview. Failure to inform the massage therapist of all medical conditions and medications may place you at increased risk for adverse reactions.


Business Policies and Practices- 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY!

Amara accepts cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards and does require that all guests have a valid/current credit card on file for late cancellations. We do not bill insurance companies for services. For new guests needing to complete health form/consent at the center, plan to arrive at least 15 minutes before your start time. Guests who are already in the system should plan on arriving at least 5 minutes before for all recurring appointments to ensure the full hands on time. The first session may require a slightly longer intake process, so new clients please share as much info as possible on your health form as well as any special requests, likes/dislikes, etc. to expedite your first service. Clients arriving late will still be charged for the full session time booked and the session will end promptly at the scheduled time. Clients must cancel/reschedule sessions with 24 or more hours of notice, and if cancelled within that time frame, could result in a full-service charge for the type of appointment booked. Returned checks will be charged a $20 processing fee. Business hours are Tuesday-Saturday 9:30am-8:30pm. Walk-in appointments are accepted if therapists are available. We are located in downtown Fort Collins, an urban environment, please allow extra time to find parking and get settled so you are not rushed. Children and teens are welcome, but an adult guardian must be present with those under the age of 15 in the treatment room through out the session. A tip to the therapist for exceptional service is optional, but appreciated.

I, ___________________________ have read and clearly understand the attached BUSINESS POLICIES/INFORMED CONSENT detailed by Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness, and I would like to receive a massage session or request a session for my child or dependent. I understand that a copy of these policies is available to me at any time by request and also located on the Amara website.  I understand the benefits and limits of massage therapy and understand massage may cause adverse reactions in certain situations. If I experience any discomfort during the session, I will immediately inform my therapist so he or she can modify the massage strokes. I understand massage therapists do not diagnose diseases or conditions, prescribe medications or treatments, or perform spinal adjustments. I recognize massage is not a substitute for medical treatment and should I need medical treatment, I will seek out the appropriate health-care professional (physician, psychotherapist, chiropractor, etc.). I understand that it is my responsibility to keep the massage therapist informed of changes in my (or my child’s or dependent’s) health status, diagnosed medical conditions, and medication. I understand that failure to inform the therapist of these changes may place me (or my child or dependent) at greater risk of adverse reactions to massage. I release the massage therapist of any liability if I fail to disclose the appropriate health-related information. I understand that in order to book appointments at Amara I need a valid/current credit card stored on my client profile.  I understand the credit card on my profile will only be charged in the event of a no show or late cancel or if I sign up for an annual membership.  I understand Amara charges a $40 fee for cancelling within 24 hours and charges full price for sessions cancelled within 3 hours or if I no call/no show. I understand that Amara is a center focused on THERAPEUTIC MASSAGE ONLY! Any sexual advances, innuendo or inappropriate touch is EXPRESSLY FORBIDDEN!

New to Amara? Please fill out your health history/informed consent ONLINE BEFORE ARRIVING FOR YOUR FIRST APPOINTMENT






At Amara we are solely focused on our expertise, massage! Because our scope of practice is limited to massage only, we are unable to offer nutritional, medical or other advice. Please see our Local Wellness Referrals page for info on other spa, beauty, medical and wellness services located in Fort Collins.



What is CBD?

CBD is a cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant.


Is there any THC in CBD?

No, the CBD we use goes through an industry leading refinement process to produce very pure CBD isolate. Each batch is lab tested for quality assurance.


Will using CBD make me fail a drug test?

Infinite CBD users consistently report that they pass common drug tests while using CBD products.


What is the Endocannabinoid System?

The endocannabinoid system is an important system in your body for maintaining overall health and homeostasis of the body. It consists of endocannabinoids, receptors, and neurotransmitters, which can be located in the brain, organs, connective tissue, glands and immune cells. The endocannabinoid system exists and is active in your body even if you do not use CBD or THC.


What is the difference between CB1 and CB2 receptors?

CB1 receptors are mostly concentrated in the brain and central nervous system.

CB2 receptors are mostly located in the peripheral organs and cells associated with the immune system.


How can CBD improve your quality of life?

CBD may be a versatile treatment for anxiety, insomnia, alternative to pain medications, inflammation, and boosting energy.


Who shouldn’t use CBD products?

People who shouldn’t use CBD include people who are pregnant and breastfeeding, people under the age of 18, people who have Parkinson’s disease as it may cause tremors to worsen, and clients with low blood pressure. Always check with your doctor before using CBD if you have concerns and to make sure there are not any interactions with medications you may currently be taking.


What are possible side effects?

  • Drowsiness
  • Lightheadedness
  • Dry mouth
  • Nausea or diarrhea (usually when ingested)
  • In rare instances, damage to the liver



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We are conveniently located in the heart of Old Town, Fort Collins at 100 W Olive Street. Please allow ample time for parking. We are directly underneath Mugs Coffee Shop, and we are just steps away from all things Fort Collins! Need somewhere to stay? We are located in the same building as The Armstrong Hotel and highly recommend their lovely, boutique-style lodging options.


The main entrance to Amara is located on the south side of the Armstrong Hotel, with a set of stairs leading down to it. Alternatively, the Armstrong Hotel has an elevator in their main lobby which leads down to Amara’s secondary entrance. This secondary door remains locked, with our phone number posted. Please give us a call when you arrive and we will promptly open the door for you!

We encourage clients to allow ample time to get into Old Town and get parked before their appointments. There is a paid parking garage at 215 N Mason St, or you can also opt to find free street side parking on Olive Street or one of the other neighboring streets in Old Town (College, Magnolia, Oak). Please be advised there is a 2 hour limit on all Old Town parking, and the City of Fort Collins will leave citations for cars left longer than 2 hours. An excellent alternative to driving is riding your bike or taking the MAX, which drops off just a block away at Mason & Olive.

To make things simpler for our clients we have created a concise service menu. Our booking styles have more to do with the amount of the body that is worked, and not necessarily the amount of pressure used.

Pressure can be customized regardless of booking style. Each therapist has their own unique approach and applies pressure based on your feedback while staying within a range that is safe for your body. Even though you may think excessive pressure is needed, massage therapy can be effective at moderate and light ranges as well.

We approach the practice of massage as well as the physiology of the body from a science based understanding of the natural world. That is why you won’t see terms like ‘deep tissue’ or ‘fascia release’ on our menu.

What we do know about massage, and what our clients tell us everyday, is that it feels absolutely amazing! Touch can be a powerful part of the human experience, and we are here to offer our guests a professional, therapeutic experience that is always personalized to meet your unique needs.

Massage therapy may potentially support your ability to regulate stress, enhance well being and prompt overall relaxation. Massage therapy might also be a helpful resource for those living with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain issues.

Relaxation= Full body relaxation massage, head to toe bodywork, pressure fully customized.

Custom= Our most popular service. A customized and integrative massage experience covering a majority of the body, can include some target/focus areas as requested. Pressure fully customized.

Focus= Targeted therapy on just the focus area of your choice, not a full body massage. Focus on hips/low back, neck/shoulders, legs, hands/feet or other troubled target spots or injury rehab areas. Pressure fully customized.

See our Services and Pricing page for detailed information on all of the styles offered at Amara.

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We do! Follow this link to access our online booking portal! We are available by phone 7 days/week from 8:00 AM – 9:00 PM and 24/7 by email to take your booking requests. Call 970-484-2629 to book!  CONTACT

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We do not have a treatment room big enough to fit 2 hydraulic tables, but we can get you both in for 2 massages at the same time!

In our years of experience, we have found that massage is a therapy best received one on one, and our feedback from clients supports this idea.

We pride ourselves in creating an amazing experience for each customer that walks through our doors and have found that cell phone noise/conversation in the waiting room or treatment room diminishes the experience of others at the center. For this reason we ask that you silence or shut off your cell phone before coming in for your appointment. Our waiting room and treatment rooms are a no cell phone zone (silent or off), thank you in advance for your cooperation.

Yes, in order to be a licensed massage therapist in the State of Colorado, you must meet all requirements including graduation from an accredited school offering a program of at least 500 hours. In addition to state requirements, therapists working at Amara must maintain ongoing continuing education standards to remain employed.

We recommend undressing only to your own personal comfort level. Although many clients undress completely for their session, it is certainly not a requirement. Regardless of your level of undress, your therapist will always professionally drape and cover your body through the massage session. For those seeking an experience that is fully clothed, book a Thai yoga massage!

For those booking a Thai massage, please arrive for your appointment wearing loose, comfortable clothing. When receiving Thai, wear what you might wear to the gym or yoga class so that you are able to be stretched and moved comfortably. You will remain clothed for the entire session. Learn more about Thai massage HERE.

Yes we do! Check out all our massage enhancement options here.

A pre-massage shower is not required, but we do ask that clients use common sense and mindful personal hygiene practices, assuring both yours and the therapist’s comfort during the massage session. We ask that clients please not wear perfumes or colognes for their session! Thank you!

Conversation (aside from intake and questions around your goals for the session) will always be led by you, the client. If you need anything at all adjusted during your treatment, we encourage you to vocalize your requests with your practitioner, and trust that there is no such thing as a silly question or request.

Keeping this in mind, our goal is to keep the appointment therapeutically focused, allowing you the time and space to unplug from your routines and take a moment of rest. Often, we hear from clients that they enjoy and get much more out of their sessions when they are able to be quiet and take the time to be fully present for their massage experience.

Although massage FEELS great, sometimes it is our mind that needs support and nurturing. It is outside our scope of practice to offer counseling or psychotherapy services. We encourage a whole body wellness approach – if you feel you need further resources, please see our Local Wellness Referrals for info on mental health professionals in Fort Collins.

When you are face down in the face cradle for more than a few minutes, the pressure placed on the sinuses can often lead to that “stuffed up” feeling. Rest assured this will quickly resolve once you turn over or get off the table.

Not always, more pressure just for the sake of more pressure is not necessarily more therapeutic. Much is still unknown about the mechanisms at work during massage from a scientific viewpoint. Although more pressure might feel good, it doesn’t necessarily change the outcome of the massage.  There are some techniques that do involve more pressure, but it is always up to you as the client to decide what your pain threshold is.  We suggest never surpassing a 7 or 8 on the 1-10 pain scale.

Your therapist will work closely with you to determine what your preferred pressure range is; additionally, different therapists offer varying levels of pressure. Not sure what style you might want or how much pressure? Take our QUIZ.

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We ask that our clients refrain from tanning or spray tanning for 24 hours before a massage appointment. The creams and oils used in massage will diminish the effect of the spray tanning products; in addition, spray tan products can stain and destroy our linens. For this reason we kindly ask that you do not have these products on your skin when arriving for a massage session.

Parent Guardian Consent Form

We do not book appointments for anyone under the age of 12. Individuals under the age of 18 need to have a parent or legal guardian present for check in at their first appointment to sign the waiver and liability form. In addition, minors between the ages of 12-14 will need their parent or legal guardian to stay on site (either in the treatment room or waiting area) during the duration of their massage.

If booking for a person who is between 12-17, you can choose from Brittany B., Brittany G., Caden, Julie, Kendall, Natalie, Stella, or Tearza.

Although never necessary, gratuities are greatly appreciated by therapists working at Amara. To limit excessive costs we appreciate cash tips but can accommodate credit card tips as well. For ease, we have an easy tipping calculations sheet right at the front desk when you check out.

Although this claim is made almost everywhere in massage world, there is absolutely no scientific research showing massage releases toxins of any kind. It’s an old myth, one we are trying to clear up by educating our clients. At Amara, we’re more focused on whether or not massage helps people feel better. Clients and growing research suggests that it does! Check out our blog about detox.

There are a handful of studies on massage and circulation, but they are inconclusive. It’s too early to say whether or not massage increases circulation at the site of massage, overall throughout the body, or whether it’s clinically important even if it does. Since we don’t know the scientific answer to this question, at Amara we focus on helping our clients feel better without selling you on false claims.

There is no such thing as a “labor induction” massage, nor is there any science based evidence that massage is directly linked to miscarriage or the ability to start contractions, which is why Amara is confident in working with clients in their first trimester.

We encourage our clients to be skeptical of any practitioner or facility claiming that they offer such services as “labor induction” massage, as it is completely outside the scope of a massage therapist’s practice to do so. Please contact your OB/GYN if you feel you need to be induced or for any other pregnancy related health support.

Learn more about Pregnancy Massage or read our Intake & Disclosures form to determine if you are good candidate for prenatal massage services.

YES! We offer prone and semi reclining massage during all stages of pregnancy!

Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness offers massage to expectant mothers. We are well aware of the physical changes and challenges a woman’s body experiences during pregnancy. Prenatal massage can be performed safely and effectively during all stages of a normal pregnancy to help the mother manage those changes and challenges. We encourage you to be as comfortable as possible, and bolstering/positioning can be customized.

After careful review of all available evidence based massage resources, Amara has found pre-natal massage to be safe throughout a normal pregnancy and can work on clients in any position, including prone/face down through the third trimester. However, there are conditions that may disqualify a mother from receiving massage. Those include:
 A diagnosis as a high-risk pregnancy by a physician.
 Preterm labor/possible miscarriage: discharge of blood, amniotic sac rupture, pains or contraction in uterus.
 Pre-eclampsia (toxemia): high blood pressure, protein in the urine, blurred vision, headache, nausea,
swelling in the legs, and water retention.
 Gestational Diabetes: abnormal appetite/thirst, sugar in urine.
 Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT): pain, redness, or swelling isolated to one leg
If you have one or more of these conditions, you may not be eligible to receive massage without physician approval.
Please consult with your therapist to determine your eligibility.

Please check with your OB/GYN or Widwife for counsel/approval to receive professional massage therapy services if you are concerned that you have one of the above diagnosis or have further concern.


Learn more by reading our Intake & Disclosures form.

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We encourage our clients to stay hydrated, but there is no science-based evidence linking hydration post-massage to better outcomes.

Drink water because drinking water helps the body function optimally (regardless of whether you’ve had a massage or not), but rest assured that the benefits of your massage will not be lost if you don’t drink tons of water afterwards.

There is absolutely no evidence linking weight loss and massage, but if that changes, we will be shouting it from the rooftops!

Massage has many effects, some of which are still unknown. Massage may be locally or systemically contraindicated for certain health issues, so to be sure we are offering you the safest session possible, we ask that you be honest on your health history form. Complete your Intake & Disclosures form to learn more. In addition, we always encourage clients to call with any questions or concerns you might have about massage.

We are licensed massage therapists, not medical doctors, which means we cannot and will not diagnose anyone with any injury, disease or syndrome; doing so would be far outside the scope of our practice. If you are worried or concerned about any type of chronic or acute pain or symptom you are having, we recommend you see your physician for further diagnostic testing and medical advice.

On a side, some interesting information that we would like our clients to make note of as it relates to Disc & Spine health: (source: 

  • The extent of disc problem or disc herniation does not necessarily correlate to the patient’s level of pain. Although it may seem contrary to common sense, the severity of pain from a herniated disc does not always correlate to the amount of physical damage to the disc. Additionally, less serious back problems may cause more pain than a herniated disc. For example, a large herniated disc can be completely painless, while a muscle spasm from a simple back strain may cause excruciating pain. This means that the severity of pain is not a determining factor for identifying a herniated disc.
  • Many herniated discs do not cause any pain. Radiographic findings of a disc herniation are common (such as from an MRI), but oftentimes the herniated disc is not associated with any pain or symptoms. While there may be an association between trauma to the disc and the onset of the patient’s symptoms, a herniated disc also may occur without a specific, recalled event.
  • It is difficult to distinguish a herniated disc from other spinal problems. The nerves and anatomical structures—such as discs, muscles and ligaments in the spine—have a great deal of overlap. This makes it difficult for the brain to distinguish between problems with one structure in the back versus problems with another. For example, a herniated disc can feel similar to a bruised muscle or ligament damage. “

No, we ask those experiencing cold or flu-like symptoms (vomiting, nausea, fever, chills, lethargy, sore throat, runny nose, etc.) not to receive massage until they have been symptom free for at least 24-48 hours. Clients arriving with flu-like symptoms will be asked to reschedule their appointment.

You can receive massage as often as you would like!

Amara requires 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment, and requires a credit card to hold appointments. Our therapists work very hard, and your appointment represents a significant portion of your therapist’s day and income. Clients must cancel/reschedule sessions with 24 or more hours of notice, and if cancelled within that time frame, could result in a full-service charge for the type of appointment booked. Thank you in advance for respecting our time and schedule.

We require 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment. Clients arriving late will still be charged for the full session time booked and the session will end promptly at the scheduled time. Clients must cancel/reschedule sessions with 24 or more hours of notice, and if cancelled within that time frame, could result in a full-service charge for the type of appointment booked.

Because of our cancellation policy, we require a credit card to put on file in case of late cancellation or no-shows. Our booking system is encrypted and secure, but we do understand that some are not comfortable giving their card number over the phone. Alternatively, those wishing not to give CC info over the phone can pre-pay for potential late cancellation fees by purchasing a gift certificate online or in store, and we can use your gift certificate number to hold your appointment. Please note that the certificate must have a remaining balance going forward if you wish to keep it on your account for potential late cancellations. Our therapists work very hard, and your appointment represents a significant portion of your therapist’s day and income. We do understand that emergencies arise, and allow each person a one time “pass” for late cancellations due to illness or emergency. Thank you in advance for respecting our time and schedule.

No, we do not bill health insurance companies for our services, but are happy to supply receipts, treatment history and session notes if you need them. All payments are due at the time of service, no exceptions.

Yes, at Amara we do accept HSA cards for payment, please check with your particular carrier before your session to confirm your individual eligibility. Sometimes HSA cards are declined by the carrier if massage is not on their approved list of provider services.

Absolutely! If you work for the City of Fort Collins or Larimer County, we keep their “Lifestyle Management-Request For Reimbursement Forms” on file and are happy to fill it out for you as well as include a copy of your receipt so you can easily send in for reimbursement after you have paid for your session. If you work for a company other than City of Fort Collins who reimburses for massage, please bring your form with you and we are happy to complete it! A reminder that all payments are due at time of service, and it is up to the individual to seek out reimbursement from their employer or insurance company.

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At this time, Amara only offers mobile massage for corporate wellness events, we do not travel to private residences. If you are interested in booking a corporate wellness event please call or email us with details, desired date and budget. Amara charges $1.50 per minute for corporate massage, this cost includes all travel and set up fees.


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Although we do try our best to accommodate last minute appointments, we do not always have openings. Our focus is to book on a first come, first serve basis. Our busiest times are evenings and Saturdays. We do encourage clients to book in advance to guarantee an ideal time, day and therapist. Check out our CURRENT DEALS page for daily flash specials, weekly openings and special events.

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