Table Thai Massage (temporarily unavailable)

Table Thai Massage in Fort Collins (temporarily unavailable)

Thai massage, also known as “lazy man’s yoga” or “Thai Yoga Massage” is a unique blend of passive stretching and massage, performed on a table while the client is fully clothed. You are able to relax while the therapist facilitates gentle stretching and massage of the joints and muscles. It’s perfect for athletes or those suffering from chronic muscular pain!

Though we pay deep respect to the lineage and history of Traditional Thai Yoga Massage and it’s roots dating back thousands of years, we do not practice it in the traditional spiritual or energetic context.

When practicing Thai Massage at Amara we focus on creating a deeply relaxing physical experience for guests integrating use of the steamed Thai herbal poultices, breath work, gentle stretching, compression focused massage and light movement.

Amara’s Thai Yoga Massage Therapists

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