Our Massages

Streamlined pricing is based on time booked, not style or pressure. Our Advanced Training LMT massages are discounted to our Membership Pricing, and they appreciate your feedback.

30 MINUTES: $65 ($55 Member)
60 MINUTES: $110 ($95 Member)
90 MINUTES: $165 ($145 Member)


Your Amara massage experience includes all of the following:

  • 30/60/90 Minutes of HANDS-ON time
  • Hot steamy towels during and after your treatment
  • Heated buckwheat neck pillows
  • Heated, hydraulic massage tables
  • Dreamy and relaxing linens from Comphy Linens, INC
  • Salus Muscle Relief Gel, locally made and feels amazing!
  • Hot or cold packs if indicated or requested.
  • We will NEVER charge extra for deeper focus or customized sessions.
  • We use natural, organic and vegan massage creams/oils so that you never have to worry about what products come in contact with your skin. We use Sacred Earth ® Organics Vegan Massage Cream and Amber ® Unscented Massage Oil, and also carry options for those with allergies.

We are the ideal fusion of SPA and CLINIC! If you are looking for a Fort Collins Massage, make sure you’re getting the best service possible! Visit Amara and experience why Trip Advisor has listed us as the #1 Spa/Wellness destination in Fort Collins. It is our intention to create a space for our clients that is deeply relaxing while also offering more focused and customized sessions when requested. We guarantee you will love your session.


Choose from Relaxation, Custom, Focus, or Pre-Natal massage. Booking styles based on amount of the body worked during your appointment, not amount of pressure or depth during the massage.

Relaxation= Full body relaxation massage, head to toe bodywork, pressure fully customized.

Custom= Our most popular service. A customized and integrative massage experience covering a majority of the body, can include some target/focus areas as requested. Pressure fully customized.

Focus= Targeted therapy on just the focus area of your choice, not a full body massage. Focus on hips/low back, neck/shoulders, legs, hands/feet or other troubled target spots or injury rehab areas. Pressure fully customized.

Pressure is customized regardless of booking style, we will do our best to book you with a team member that offers the pressure that you prefer. Each therapist has their own unique approach and applies pressure based on your feedback while staying within a range that is safe for your body.

Even though you may think excessive pressure is needed, massage therapy can be effective at moderate and light ranges as well. We approach the practice of massage as well as the physiology of the body from a science based understanding of the natural world. That is why you won’t see terms like ‘deep tissue’ or ‘fascia release’ on our menu.

What we do know about massage, and what our clients tell us everyday, is that it feels absolutely amazing! Touch can be a powerful part of the human experience, and we are here to offer our guests a professional, therapeutic experience that is always personalized to meet your unique needs.

What Massage Therapy may be doing:

  • May enhance well being and modulate pain by way of the skin/brain connection through touch.
  • Has been known to prompt overall relaxation and sleep.
  • Massage therapy might also be an extremely helpful resource for those living with anxiety, depression, or chronic pain issues.

We have reintroduced massage enhancements on a limited basis, see our enhancements menu for more information.

24 Hour Cancellation Policy:

Amara requires 24 hours notice when cancelling an appointment, and requires a credit card to hold appointments. Our therapists work very hard, and your appointment represents a significant portion of your therapist’s day and income. Clients must cancel/reschedule sessions with 24 or more hours of notice, and if cancelled within that time frame, could result in a full-service charge for the type of appointment booked. Thank you in advance for respecting our time and schedule.

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