New Client with Amara? Ask about our weekday NEW GUEST SPECIAL! If you’re new to Amara you will receive a new guest discount on your first booking if you schedule M-F between 9:00 am and 12:45 pm as a start time.

Call 970-484-2629 for more information or text us to request your new client special. 

WE HAVE THE FOLLOWING TIMES AVAILABLE. You can request an appointment or be added to our waiting list via email, text or by calling us, links are below. All sessions listed are 60 minute appointments, unless otherwise noted. 90 minute massages are available to book online from now til Labor Day!

Thursday, June 13th:
Emily A.: 10:15, 11:30
Brittany G.: 1:15 (30 min)
Chase: 2:00
Natalie:  7:30
Caden: 3:15, 7:30
Jenna: 3:45 (30 min), 4:30, 7:00 (90 min)
Olive: 7:00 (90 min)

Friday, June 14th: 
Kendall: 10:15
Sheila: 10:15
Caden: 2:00, 3:15, 8:00 (30 min)
Natalie: 6:15, 7:30
Emily A.: 6:15
Julie: 8:00 (30 min)
Emily M.: (30 min)


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If this is your first time booking at Amara we encourage you to call our studio! Online booking options are also available. If you are looking to book somebody else, or an appointment in addition to yours, calling the studio is the most effective option.

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