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Updated on Tuesday, May 5th, 2020

Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness is currently closed for hands on massage services. We eagerly hope to reintegrate massage therapy back onto our active menu of services as soon as possible, but cannot do so safely until several standards have been met. As we get clear on what these standards are we will update this blog. We have every hope that if these standards are met we could open between June-August, but have no way to accurately predict a date right now. Some potential standards (aside from and in addition to Governor approval for state to reopen) may include ; input and approval from our external board of evidence based advisers, CDC/WHO/OSHA guidelines, US government phasing and gating approval, availability of testing, availability of vaccines, standardized OSHA training for all team members as well as refresher training of Universal Precautions. In addition, we have light organizational updates to our space and treatment rooms that will need to be implemented before returning to massage.  If you have a soon to expire gift certificate voucher, we will happily extend the redemption date. We will also be extending the usability of Golden Ticket vouchers beyond November 30, 2020, though at this point we are not yet sure how that will be structured and won’t know until we confirm a solid reopening date. As we get closer to defining a date of return for hands on services and availability of massage we will update this blog and also send out an email!

As we navigate all of this change, we are simultaneously considering whether to begin offering (in the coming weeks and months) other services in the virtual realm (and possibly in person too) to support our “& WELLNESS” mission statement. Such services may include (we are only in discovery phase): occupational therapy, physical therapy, psychotherapy, counseling, career/life coaching, movement classes, wellness/movement consulting, meditation/mindfulness classes, and augmented reality/VR immersions. We feel these services could be in high demand over the coming months and years and will be in strong alignment with our desire to continue to serve our community in the realms of well being and health.  Have an idea or input on a service you would like to see us provide? Please email us at amaramassage1@gmail.com

Original Post March 14, 2020

Dearest clients, friends, family and employees…
After several days of waiting and uncertainty, dozens of phone calls and many long and difficult conversations with accountants, insurance companies, medical staff, and colleagues within the massage/wellness community, I am temporarily closing Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness. As a science forward and evidence based business, this decision is in strong alignment with the mission and values of our company but is also in service to the health and well being of our local and global community. We are, after all, a center focused on perpetuating health and wellness.
Please understand that this decision has not come to us lightly. However, based on the current state of international and domestic affairs and the alarming spread of COVID-19, it does seem prudent to shut down our business in service of mitigating and decreasing the potential pressure on our health care system over the coming weeks. Taking action now could truly save the lives of others and ensure quality access to care for everyone, over a sustained period of time. We cherish our staff and our guests, we do not want to play ANY role in exposing anyone or possibly furthering the spread of this pandemic, no matter the financial toll that may take on us individually or as a business. We are hopeful that by taking decisive action now, we are helping to mitigate the spread of the virus while supporting the greater health and immunity of our community.
Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness will be adhering to all emergency legislation put forth by the State of Colorado; this will include offering employees compensation packages during our closure to absorb sick time/PTO mandates. If our closure is sustained or long term (more than just a couple weeks), I will prompt employees to file for and seek temporary unemployment benefits from the State of Colorado until which time we are fully operational again.
Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness is structured in such a way that EVERY staff member is a classified W4 EMPLOYEE, NOT a private 1099 contractor. What this means: our staff is protected by unemployment insurance privileges and can seek assistance from the state in the event that the business closes (even temporarily). Many other massage therapists and service providers working in similar situations as contractors will unfortunately not be protected by unemployment.
As many know, over a year ago, our building began a large renovation. The culmination of that renovation was just a few short weeks ago with the grand reopening of our beautifully appointed neighboring business, Ace Gillett’s. During the first month of construction work back in January of 2019, we had to close our doors for nearly four weeks as improvements were made to comply with fire guidelines. WE WORRIED. We weren’t sure if our clients would remember us and come back. We were overjoyed upon reopening to be met with an abundance of calls and bookings, and life went back to “normal”.
Although this time around the context of our closure is MUCH different, and life will likely look and feel a little different for all us in the future, we move forward with full faith that our loyal clients will “have our back” and support is in making this decision! We would ask that you support us when we reopen by booking a massage or bringing a friend in with you for a relaxation experience when the time is right. We are also VERY excited to announce that our new Membership offerings will be unveiled later this Spring/Early Summer, and will be a helpful and affordable way for many to pick back up with their regular massage appointments.

During the closure you can book future appointments, via text, email or phone. We just aren’t seeing guests face to face for services or sales. We will also be offering special mail/phone order gift card packages that we can send out in the mail for those who are interested. Our telephone hours during the service interruption are M-F from 12 pm- 2 pm (this is an update to our previous post stating 10-4), call 970-484-2629, or you can email us at amaramassage1@gmail.com. Please bear with us during this unique time, as it may take us longer than usual to reply or respond to voicemails.

We WILL see you on the other side of this. We are holding space for quick resolution and improved health for all. Please be skeptical of companies or practitioners in the alternative med/wellness community who are making false claims related to massage or trying to tout “immune boosting/detoxing benefits” that might protect you from COVID. Quite simply, this is totally false! Manual therapy is not an effective treatment or preventive measure for viral shedding or boosting ones immune system!
We support science, we support evidence, we support our health care community, and we support all citizens and businesses to be empowered and take action in ways that will support robust health for all. 
Catie Morgan, LMT
Managing Owner
Leadership & Education Director

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