Custom Massage

Custom Massage in Fort Collins, Colorado

Our most popular service! For those seeking something close to a full body massage with touches of nuanced focus work, a custom session is the perfect choice. This style is integrative and pressure is fully customized based on your personal preferences. Your therapist will be sure to spend some of your session time on requested areas of focus, while also working on as much of the rest of your body as possible.

We recommend pairing our luxury CBD + Crown enhancement with your custom massage for the ultimate pampering.

If booking for a person who is between 12-17, you can choose from Brittany B., Brittany G., Caden, Julie, Kendall, Natalie, Stella, or Tearza. We require the parent/guardian’s signature on our Minor Waiver Consent Form (plus a signed Health History intake) prior to the underage client going back for treatment.


Amara’s Custom Massage Therapists

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