Emily Mereness, LMT

Hello! I’ve lived in Colorado my whole life and been in NoCo for over almost two decades. After many years working in pharmacy, I decided to shift to a different aspect of “healthcare” and study to get licensed as a massage therapist. I graduated from Healing Arts Institute in 2019 and feel very fortunate to … Continued

Natalie Boring, LMT

Hi y’all, I’m Natalie! I hail from the mountains of East Tennessee and moved to Colorado to pursue my massage education. I graduated from the Denver Aveda Institute in April 2023, and have been practicing since May 2023. Massage has been a vital part of my physical and mental self care routine for years, so … Continued

Olive Ancell, LMT

Welcome, my name is Olive. The path to study massage appeared to me after I realized that my goal in life is to help others. Receiving massage has had a profound impact on my wellness, and I want to continually provide that kind of impact for the community. I graduated from the Fort Collins Bear … Continued

Caden Funk, LMT

Hello, I’m Caden! I graduated from the Fort Collins IBMC Massage program in November 2022. I’ve been practicing since January 2023, and I’ve been fortunate to work on a wide range of clients. I deeply appreciate how much a massage can impact someone’s day-to-day life and well being. When you book with me, you can … Continued

Jenna July, LMT

Hey there, I’m Jenna! I graduated from the Denver Integrative Massage School in November 2022, where they teach a combination of Western and Eastern massage styles. I’ve been practicing since August 2023, and I love infusing my education into my massage style. I work in a lighter-medium+ pressure range, and I enjoy working with clients … Continued

Kendall Lockwood, LMT

Hello there, my name is Kendall! A proud Fort Collins native, I graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in 2013 and have been practicing ever since. I chose to pursue massage because I wanted to study the body, how it moves, and learn how it’s all connected. From my studies, I learned that calming the … Continued

Paul Bandong, LMT

Welcome, my name is Paul. I graduated from the Academy of Professional Careers: Holistic Health in 2004 in La Mesa, California, and I’ve been practicing for 20 years. In my time, I am grateful to have cultivated diverse skills and tools that help me support my client’s wellness goals from a holistic standpoint. Each time … Continued

Stella Gallegos, LMT

Hello, I’m Stella! I’m a Fort Collins native who graduated from the Healing Arts Institute in June 2018 and have been practicing since 2019. My mission as a massage therapist is to listen to each client’s story and modify every session to your specific needs. I tend to have a more sensory way of starting … Continued

Emily Ahmanson, LMT

Hi, I’m Emily! I’m originally from the central coast of California. I graduated from the Mind Body Institute in Nashville, TN in 2021 and have been practicing massage therapy since. I relocated with my family to Fort Collins in 2022 and love calling it home! I enjoy working slowly in a lighter-medium pressure range, with … Continued

Chase Graboyes-Reed, LMT

Hi, my name is Chase. I graduated from Bellevue Massage School in 2019 and have been practicing ever since! I’ve worked in a multitude of environments with a wide variety of people, and think that these experiences have helped me cultivate a well-rounded approach to massage therapy. I enjoy working slowly and letting my clients’ … Continued

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