5 Things Your Massage Therapist Wants You To Know

We want to make getting a massage easy, so we compiled a quick list of things we want our clients to be aware of when booking a session at Amara…

1. We welcome all bodies and body types, and don’t care if you have or haven’t shaved your legs, underarms or face. We don’t body shame, and we would never want our clients to feel paranoid or worried about how they look, because honestly, when we are giving a session we are more focused on what is happening underneath the surface. We do ask that you arrive with clean skin, hair, etc, as proper hygiene will make your and the therapist’ experience more comfortable. Being present to and embracing our bodies as they are has become an increasingly difficult task in what could be described as a culture that is fixated with material and aesthetic beauty. When stepping into Amara, please take a moment to unburden yourself of those sometimes painful and difficult body image standards and make your massage time about being present in your body, and enjoying the self care moment you have planned just for you. Each body, all bodies, in whatever unique form they present themselves are welcome at Amara. We are focused on helping you feel your best, not on how you look. For those looking for a fully clothed massage experience, check out Thai Massage.

2. Drinking water after a massage although refreshing, isn’t crucial or required, and won’t ruin your massage if you don’t. Drink water because doing so keeps your body running at its best and should be done through out everyday, not just days you receive bodywork. Some folks say it’s about toxins, rest assured, we didn’t dump toxins into your system…read more here.

3. We massage because we love helping people, but we have to set professional boundaries to ensure that our work with clients doesn’t go outside the therapeutic realm. Please understand that if your massage therapist feels as though you might be discussing inappropriate material or trying to provoke intimate or sexual action the session will be terminated and the therapeutic relationship will be immediately dissolved.

4. Massage, although amazing, isn’t a cure all. Particularly for those seeking massage as an adjunct therapy for injury or for therapeutic/treatment purposes, you will need to prepare to commit to consistent sessions, ongoing at home self care, as well as lifestyle, physical therapy and/or exercise changes to see sustained improvement. Wellness is ultimately in your hands, but our goal is to empower you to experience what feeling better can do for your physical and emotional well being. All massage is therapeutic in some sense, and regular sessions, particularly relaxation style massage appears to help people maintain overall better well-being and reduced stress. Think of massage as healthcare maintenance, do it when you’re already feeling good, and not just the times you’re in acute pain.

5. We offer massage because we love assisting others on their path toward pain free living. If there is anything at all we can do to make your experience more comfortable never hesitate to speak up. It is your time to unplug and relax, no request is silly and we will do our best to always meet your needs. We want to know every detail, music preferences, pressure/style most liked, heat, aromatherapy, focus areas, etc.  We strive to provide each guest with the best massage experience possible and want to do our best to customize your treatment to meet your needs.


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