A Window Into our World: A Massage Therapist’s View


I have been a massage therapist for over 11 years.  Considered long enough in most professions to have a solid understanding of the foundational experiences that are required on a day to day basis. I would like to give you some insight on what a massage therapist may be pondering about while performing a massage. A window view into our world.

From the moment we shake hands, to the moment you float on out of the room, (hopefully on a cloud of relaxation,  yeah!) I am receiving a massive amount of information that I must interpret on the spot. I am attempting to create art that you can enjoy, under the pressure of time and a lot of assumptions. The more we can communicate, the more information I can derive from you, which can help create a treatment that is molded to your unique body map.

When I first greet you in the waiting room, I am already attempting to read your body language. In the treatment room I am listening to you about possible pain patterns and your pain history, while trying to put a treatment protocol together in just a few minutes time. A lot of information in a short amount of time, yet so little, compared to the whole story of your life. When you walk through the threshold of my treatment room, you are bringing your whole life’s worth of experiences in with you and shutting the door on outside life for a little while. So awesome.

During the session I hone in and become hyper-focused, molding and shaping your body patterns and stopping along the way on possible points of interest; placing me in a deep meditation. I won’t hear the music playing and the background noise of life just fades away. It is vital toward the beginning of the session that I check in with you about pressure and if you need anything. It is the perfect time as a client to communicate any changes that need to be made about temperature, pressure, table heat, and possible treatment plan changes. It has been long enough in the session to get a general feel of the flow but not too far long to have to make a major changes next time.

In terms of changes, change away. We are human and your body and mind during a session is receiving a massive amount of awesome information (all at once!) and sometimes it can be hard to interpret. You may have an “ah ha!” moment towards the end of the session where your nerve finally says, “this is where it is!” and that is perfectly normal. We can discover what your body needs in real time together. I love communication, it is so important when it comes to this profession as well as our bodies, change being the constant.

When the session is over (such a bummer) and you crack the door for me to know you are dressed and ready to leave, it is time to note any changes you may be feeling or to answer at questions you may have. Or, for most people, time to try and wake up enough to drive. Either way I am making sure you can drive, and really wishing we had more time together. A true performance piece, a work of art. I am living my passion, so the fact that you walk through our door into my treatment room is a humbling experience and a true honor. If you are happy, I am happy. Like I always say, ” You are awesome.”


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