Pregnancy Massage for Relaxation

For the women out there that are wanting to become a mother, already on their journey to motherhood, and the ones that have had the incredible joy of becoming a mother, this blog is for you. I feel motherhood is one of the most amazing and beautiful chapters that a woman can experience.

The structural changes that a woman’s body undergoes in pregnancy can be very profound and some of the most radical during her lifetime. The body changes and increased weight can cause marked changes with regard to the woman’s posture and in the way she walks. Later in pregnancy, as the hormones estrogen and relaxin are released, ligaments, connective tissue and collagen begin to soften and become stressed. This can cause lower back and pelvic pain in expectant mothers.

During the first trimester (first 12 weeks) of their pregnancy, I know that many women are hesitant to get a massage.There is a common myth that massage during first trimester is contraindicated and may cause spontaneous miscarriage (learn more about common pregnancy myths). Despite no valid evidence to support this claim it is often perpetuated in alternative medicine communities.  Rest assured that first trimester massage during a healthy pregnancy is perfectly safe, and may offer much relief for nausea, fatigue and overall well being.

Through prenatal massage, it is our intention to relieve many of the aches and pains by addressing the specific areas of discomfort and give an overall relaxation experience.  Throughout your pregnancy, as long as you are able to lay comfortably on your stomach and back, we can still apply a regular massage. When the little one starts to grow, and the mother starts getting uncomfortable and unable to be laying on your stomach flat on the table we have options for customization as follow.

Option 1, Side-lying position, I typically like to use 4 pillows; one for your head, one to put between you and the table under you abdomen, one under your arm over the stomach, and the the last one between your legs. I have found that a lot of my prenatal clients like this because I am able to preform some light stretching to mid, lower back and hips.

Option 2, Pregnancy cushion, the use of custom pregnancy pillows that allow you to lay face down. These pillows have inserts that can be adjusted for the growing abdomen and tender breast. The pillows are right under the rib cage and the pelvic bones so that the abdominal of resting comfortably. When you turn over, I typically like to use a pillow wedge to have you sit up in an angle.

If you’re wondering how often to come in for massage, it’s truly based on your personal preferences and budget. I have some mothers that typically try and get a massage about once a month, others are also lucky enough to come in once a week. As with any regular self care or movement practice, if you have any concerns or questions on consistency feel free to double check with your doctor or midwife.

Massage therapy can be an excellent way to unwind, relax, relief pain and even improve sleep throughout your pregnancy. Whether it’s your first pregnancy or you are a seasoned prenatal veteran, I look forward to meeting with you and customizing a prenatal massage therapy session that suits your specific needs and requests!

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