5 Ways to Practice Self Love


We hear it often, how important it is to love ourselves. Although Self-love means something different to every person, there are ways in which we can practice self-love. Slowly and with practice, you can learn, adapt and integrate expressing self love through acts of self care over time. Below are some of the ways I find it most helpful and enjoyable to practice.



  • Hands off electronics time. Give yourself permission to relax! Put your phone/computer/tablet away for a little while and know that it is ok to be temporarily disconnected. Fully divulge into that book you’ve been wanting to read or take a soothing bath!


  • Spend some time outside. You could do something as simply as going for a short walk or hike; as long you get outside. The activity that you actually do isn’t the most important part, but more the intentional act of spending time outside and with nature.

  • You are what you eat.  It’s important to listen to your body! Eat what makes you feel good emotionally, spiritually and physically.  If it tastes great but doesn’t make you feel good physically, it probably isn’t good for your body.

  • Mindfulness and meditation.  It is important to allow yourself time to process the daily happenings of life. Allow yourself to feel, whether that is anger, sadness or frustration, accept those emotions. When feeling overwhelmed I find it helpful to take time to journal, writing it down helps to process what is going on inside.

  • Treat yourself to self care time. Make a separate savings account for your self care commitments. If your back has been hurting, treat yourself to a massage. If you have been wanting to travel, take a solo trip or partake in a wellness retreat! Whatever you decide; know that you are worth it and deserve time for reflection and self care.


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