Devon Athey, MA, Assistant General Manager

To put it positively, my health and wellness journey has been full and rich. After completing my BA in Humanities at Fort Lewis College in Durango, CO, I went directly into massage school to pursue my interest in the human body and take my health into my own hands. After massage school, I moved to San Francisco to experience the diversity of city life, culture and a rich and active lifestyle. During my time there, I completed my MA in Integrative Health and became a Certified Wellness Coach. My passion for wellness, combined with a hunger for leadership led to my role as Lead Therapist at SenSpa Wellness Center for 7 years. In 2016, after nearly a decade in the Bay Area I was clear that Colorado was calling me back home. It was not long after I set my intentions to step away from hands on massage and transition into more of a leadership role within the wellness industry that I found myself walking through the doors of Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness, and the rest is history!  It is with a sense of great pride and honor that I step into the role of General Manager of Amara. I look forward to offering a positive and authentic contribution to Amara, which I have found to be a compassionate and thriving center of health and wellness!

Devon Loves

  • Saying yes to the (sometimes VERY uncomfortable but always worth it) inner journey.
  • Spending time in and learning from the infinite knowledge of nature.
  • Yoga, meditation, working out, dancing, and singing!
  • Being authentic and encouraging others to do the same.


  • M-F

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