Andrea Moeller, General Manager

Welcome to Amara Massage! I’m Andrea, the General Manager.

I bring 13 years of customer service experience in service industries to my role; I proudly manage the client experience, marketing, and operations. I hold great respect for the massage therapists and front desk staff who choose to work at Amara. The effect that massage therapists can have on society as a whole is astounding; relaxation, relief, and rest play crucial roles in how we balance our lives.  Both teams work incredibly hard to ensure that clients get what they need from their time on the table. My primary goal is for each client to have the best possible experience, every time.

What I’ve learned from our Continuing Education:

1) One does not have to experience more pain to get out of pain. If heavy pressure feels painful, the pressure should be lightened.

2) Pain is not an accurate measure of tissue damage.

3) Relaxation techniques can be effective at very heavy pressure levels, and focus work can be effective with light pressure levels.


More About Me: I love living in Fort Collins (CSU grad) with my husband and dog, and really enjoy fitness, art, cinema, animals, and traveling.


  • Tuesday-Saturday during business hours

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