Why I Love Massage

I got this shot while hiking in Oregon, plenty of treasures to be found off the trail
Oregon hiking treasures


Although I didn’t actually know it at the time, I think I initially pursued massage because I had a fair amount of self care and healing to do, and was looking for a new way of life.  After my initial training and certification I realized that I also felt very passionate about passing the gift of massage to others through giving and teaching.  I went on to become an instructor of both anatomy and bodywork at Massage Therapy Institute of Colorado, and found that through teaching and sharing  I was transformed and further refined as both a practitioner and human being.  I also used my massage skills to build a private practice from my home and spent some time volunteering for a local hospice offering massage to those in palliative care.  I love how massage can embody mindfulness when we truly allow it; by transforming and empowering both practitioner and receiver through the tools of breath, movement, touch, empathy (for self and other) and compassion.

I was once told, and have told many practitioners since, “Never be afraid to take a step away from massage, your craft will still be waiting for you whenever you choose to return to it.” In recent years I have chosen to take a step away from hands on massage to focus on widening my knowledge of what it truly means to run a successful wellness oriented business.  Most recently my focus has shifted towards self care, education, entrepreneurship and wellness related photography and travel.  Regardless of whether I am currently practicing massage, I am so blessed to still be actively participating in what has proven to be a dynamic and ever evolving field. I have sought out staff members who share in my passion for being forever learners, who love sharing the gift of wellness, massage and mindfulness with the clients who grace our facility.  What a gift it is to be surrounded by others who share in your vision and wish to improve the lives of others!  I look forward to carrying out the mission of Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness by discovering and researching new and innovative services that cater to those seeking an integrative wellness experience.

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