Kirsten Nelson, Lead Guest Services

Hi there, I’m Kirsten. Growing up on the coast of New Hampshire, I developed a strong connection to nature. As I grew, so did my love for all of earth’s creatures, and how each plays a crucial role in our experiences and time here on this awesome planet. In September of 2019, I made the transition from the east coast to Fort Collins, CO.

I quickly felt at home in FoCo; such a scenic region and many welcoming people, but I truly knew I was where I was meant to be once I found Amara MT&W. The kindness I was met with made my heart so full.

The team of therapists at Amara are all truly passionate about their professions, and how they can help others. I strongly believe in the connections of the mind, body, and soul, and fully support how they are applied at AMT&W. It is my intention to connect with every individual and assist them on their personal path to wellness and healing.

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