Evolve Massage is a division of Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness.


Our events are catered to all massage therapists, including newer and veteran manual therapists who are ready to update their knowledge base. We seek to bring together the best and brightest minds in the industry for speaking, immersion and workshop style events. Different from many of the traditional “continuing education” formats seen in the industry, our mission is to facilitate unique experiences and bring together groups of people that will challenge old ideas and move the massage therapy profession forward!

What is evidence based massage, you ask (link to blog COMING SOON)….

Evolve Massage was created by Catie Morgan, LMT, owner of Amara Massage.  After nearly a decade in the industry Catie became frustrated with lack luster foundational massage therapy programs and inconsistent educational requirements from state to state. Most “continuing education” in the massage industry can be guru centered and taught from an oral history perspective instead of based in scientific research and evidence. If you’re sick of traditional tool box approaches to bodywork that give you nothing but protocols and techniques without depth of knowledge or actual evidence, Evolve Massage is here to help! Join us at a future event and challenge your knowledge base!



Friday, September 21st

10 AM- 3PM Lunch and Learn w/Christopher Moyer, PhD

Mantz Hall, Ace Gilletts

Downtown Fort Collins

TOPIC: “Why Manual Therapy Needs Modern Psychology”


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