Reopening Plans & Refund Requests

Hello Loyal Amara Guests! I hope this message finds you healthy and well. We have thought deeply about when and how to proceed with our soft reopening that will help ensure the utmost safety of our guests and staff. That being said there is no way to minimize the risk 100% if you are in close direct contact.  Please weigh your personal decision very carefully before scheduling a session and consider all potential risk factors before booking. COVID19 is a contagious and potentially fatal disease, which may have long lasting health effects if survived.  Carriers of the virus can be completely asymptomatic, so despite all screening and protocols we have put in place, there is still risk for potential exposure anytime you leave your home, but especially while in direct contact.

Ultimately, you are the best person to decide if massage is right for you and what risks you are willing to engage in over the coming months and years as we all confront this challenge. Amara Massage encourages all guests to maintain safer at home practices if that is their preference or if they are in a higher risk category. We are currently limited to operating at 50% capacity and will be following those guidelines until further notice.


How will Amara be handling Golden Tickets, Gift Cards/Certificates?:

We are struggling financially to survive as a business and would greatly appreciate your consideration with regard to requesting any gift card or golden ticket refunds so that we can remain afloat. We do understand that many of you may not feel comfortable booking services at this time, and we want to honor that and certainly do not want you to feel any pressure to book. If at all possible, we would ask that you keep your golden ticket or gift card balance for a future date at which time you do feel comfortable booking an appointment and using your balance. GOLDEN TICKET VOUCHER EXPIRATION HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 30, 2021.

Keep in mind that golden tickets and most gift cards are fully transferable and can be gifted to others. Your referrals once we are able to book sessions will truly be more important than ever, and your consideration with regard to retaining or donating your gift card is MUCH appreciated.

  • Golden Tickets: The Value paid for the ticket was $65. Future golden ticket massages will only be 50 minutes hands on to reduce the amount of closed door time and support enhanced cleaning measures. GOLDEN TICKET VOUCHER EXPIRATION HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 30, 2021. Because tickets are vouchers and are fully transferable they are typically non refundable, but we are making exceptions due to this situation. If you would like to request a refund for your Golden Ticket, either because you do not want to transition to 50 minute appointments or do not feel comfortable receiving massage at this time you may request a refund. We will accept requests until Aug 1st, 2020.
  • Please note, if you were not the ticket pack purchaser and received your ticket as a gift you cannot request a cash or CC refund, but we are happy to extend the value of the voucher ($65) to use towards a session in the future. 
  • Gift Cards: we will be happy to extend the date of expiration on your standard gift card/certificate if you would like to hold off on booking your session until a later date.

What can you expect that’s new, different or CHANGING?

  • While we are working at limited capacity guidelines we will only be offering 50 minute hands on massage (limits the amount of potential exposure time and allows for enhanced cleaning/intake/screening preparation that is also in service to your overall health and well being). LEARN MORE
  • A Golden Ticket Voucher will now be good for a 50 Minutes Hands On Massage  (first 100 golden ticket appointments will receive a complimentary bath or shower bomb to take home post session). GOLDEN TICKET VOUCHER EXPIRATION HAS BEEN EXTENDED UNTIL MARCH 30, 2021.
  • New hours of operation: Tuesday-Saturday 9-9 (closed Sunday AND Monday for now)
  • Updated Health History and Informed Consent for all clients
  • COVID19 pre-screening for every appointment (must self report temp)
  • Limited waiting room que
  • Updated furniture that can be sanitized between every client.
  • Condensed retail offerings
  • Masks and smocks worn by staff
  • Staggered appointment times (no group bookings)
  • Cancellation policy change
  • Enhancements not available
  • Online Booking will be more readily available in the near future for all clients
  • No 30 or 90 minute bookings for the time being
  • Staff schedules and availability may be different due to our 50% capacity requirements put in place by the Department of Regulatory Agencies
  • New in room equipment, tech gear and storage
  • New 100% cotton blankets
  • Streamlined check in and out (Auto pay, pre-pay and self check out options)
  • Guests wash hands on site (can also go to Ace restrooms as well, which are cleaned every 30 minutes).
  • Session will still include hot towels + warm neck wrap.
  • While at 50% capacity phase, each treatment room will be left open/empty for at least 30 minutes after the therapist completes a thorough sanitizing and disinfecting of the entire room after your appointment.
  • 2020 Golden Ticket values will be extended until March 30th, 2021


Read our COVID Preparedness Plan:  COVID Preparedness Amara

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