Short Term Closure at Amara

Hello Loyal Guests and Friends of Amara

Today we received word from one of our employees around 11:30 am that they tested positive for COVID19.  The employee worked Monday and Thursday of this last week at the center (Jan 18th and Jan 21st). The employee believes their potential exposure happened outside of the center earlier in the week, but can’t be certain. The employee began developing symptoms late Thursday evening and was tested on Friday. We have activated our COVID 19 response plan, in accordance with that plan will be asking our entire staff to do the following:

  • Self isolate
  • Get tested for COVID 19 based on potential date of exposure
  • Report any symptoms to their primary care physician and receive care if need be.

If you were in for an appointment in the last week, your risks of exposure should be minimal as all team members wear masks, PPE and follow strict cleaning protocols during your care.  Even with the low risk, please keep being diligent with your mask wearing and washing of your hands. If you become symptomatic, please get tested and notify us immediately. We are so sorry for this inconvenience, we have been so diligent with all of the COVID preventative measures, but can not control what happens outside of our clinic.

Because I would rather be as cautious as possible, I am choosing to close Amara Massage for a 7 day period. The one week closure will allow self isolation and sufficient testing time from date of exposure for all team members. I will also be reporting this case to Larimer County Health Department and letting them know our response plan. In addition, all Amara team members whose hours are affected by this closure or who test positive will receive PTO compensation (up to 2 weeks if needed).

If you are a client of Amara who visited us for an appointment in the last week and you worked directly with the employee who tested positive, we will be contacting you directly to make you aware of potential exposure. If you have an upcoming appointment, we will also be reaching out to reschedule.

Our intention is to reopen for sessions on Sunday, January 31st, but will update this blog as needed with any pertinent changes or further information.

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