Setting Intentions and Reaching Goals

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Maintaining New Year’s resolutions can be a slippery slope. It is pretty normal to start the year off strong and, as time rolls by, slip away from the life and lifestyle goals that you set out to accomplish. The most important thing is to be gentle with yourself when you do stray from the intended path, and, simply, get back on the track.

Here are some simple tips on how to do just that…

  1. Update and revisit your intentions regularly.
    • Mid 2020, I started writing out monthly goals/intentions at the beginning of the month. I found the time frame of 30 days was a window that felt like I could actively engage with and keep in perspective. Further, this gave me the opportunity to look back on my intentions from the previous month and see what I had done well with and what needed to stay on the personal growth to do-list for further time and focus.
  2. Set goals that feel realistic and doable.
    • While I believe that all humans are capable of vastly great things when they commit, making changes is not always about catapulting from A-Z right off the bat. While “Z” may be the ultimate vision, making meticulous minuscule moves, especially when it comes to personal growth, can be the best way to make progress and foster true and lasting evolution.
  3. Celebrate your gains along the way
    • Practicing conscious mindfulness is a surefire way to catch your evolution happening in real time. Noticing minute moments when you show up in ways that are in alignment with your goals, provides you with a great opportunity to give yourself a pat on the back and some positive reinforcement. Doing this can really help to start carving out new neural pathways and reinforce the development of fresh habits. Bedtime is also a great time to reflect on actions taken during the day that you feel good about, celebrate any gains and set the following days intentions to stay the course.

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