Self-Care: More Than Ever in the Information Age

I have a few friends overseas who are really into stretching, strength training, nutrition, massage and bodywork.  We keep in touch via webcam and texts, and often tell each other about informative, enlightening things we come across.  I’m thankful for these relationships because they inspired me to take my physical health more seriously.

Years ago during one of our Skype sessions, my friend introduced me to Kelly Starrett and his Mobility WOD channel on youtube. The focus of the channel is physical preparedness via mobilizing joints, performing exercises in safe positions, and stretching.

The information and tools in the videos helped me greatly in my own personal self-care journey,and I thought I’d pass on some of his stuff to you.  If you’re a client of mine and have asked for stretching ideas, I’ve probably recommended you check out Mobility WOD.

There are hundreds of short videos on Mobility WOD that you can spend your free time binge-watching, along with countless other channels and groups. Enjoy learning more about the science of “organizing” your body and movements. Take some time in the day to treat yourself to a little self-care maintenance.

The video I decided to share with you is a longer talk about some of the basic principles in Starrett’s approach.  It’s informative and, if you like, interactive.  Pretend you’re one of the attendees and follow along.  It’s a good chance to see if you can perform his “basic, archetypal, full range-of-motion shapes”.


P.s. What he says at 37:57 kind of blew my mind.


I couldn’t help but include the video below because of the volume of awesome life-changing stretches contained within.  Beware, he condenses what would normally take a half an hour to do into 6 minutes.  Definitely take your time, listen to your body and enjoy!

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