With my birthday fast approaching, I always try and take this time to reflect on the things that have put me where I am, and contemplate what direction I would like my life to go in the upcoming year.


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One of my favorite quotes is from Leslie Knope from the great show Parks and Recreation, “I love my husband, I love my job, and I love my friends”.  This could not be more true for me. I am truly grateful that I get to work my dream job. Being able to do something that I truly love doing, and have the support behind me to help me grow make me incredibly grateful to work at Amara Massage Therapy and Wellness, doing what I love.  I have some of the most thoughtful, caring, loving, smart, funny, and truly fabulous friends a girl could ever ask for. Also, I can’t even begin to start explaining how lucky I am to have my husband. So, overall, I am a pretty lucky lady. Life sure has thrown a lot of obstacles my way in my 31 (almost 32) years, but with the love and support of my friends and family, life has been pretty amazing.

I have a few goals for my self personally and professionally for this upcoming year. One of the goals is very near and dear to me. In November, I will be starting my journey to become a Certified Childbirth Educator. I have said it more times than I can count, prenatal massage is one of my favorite sessions to do. Hearing about women’s journey’s to becoming mothers, despite it taking years or having miscarriages, helping them find comfort throughout the pregnancy with massage, and (of-course) excitedly seeing pictures of the little one and hearing about them growing into this new life (both mother and baby) is such a treat.  I cannot wait to open this next chapter of my career and not only incorporate it into my massage sessions, but eventually be facilitating classes down the road as well!


I challenge you to take a few moments here and there to reflect on the good, and maybe not-so-good things that have happened to put you to where you are now in life. Be thankful for the challenges, and grateful for the happy times the universe has provided for you.  This life is what you make it.


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