Massage From a Client’s Perspective


Hello my name is Suzy, I am the front desk manager at Amara. I started working at Amara about a year and a half ago. When I started I had received less than a handful of professional massages. My only experience with massage was through my mom, who would receive massages on a semi regular basis due to her tension holding back. I had always seen it as more of a luxury than need.

Since working here I have received at least one massage monthly on a consistent basis. Throughout my journey of receiving, my view of massage has been transformed from seeing it as a luxury to firmly believing it is an important form of alternative medicine that has the ability to greatly benefit everyone.

Personally I would relate my experience of massage similar to the feelings of a Reiki or acupuncture session. It helps to balance not only my body but my emotions. I would personally recommend massage to anyone dealing with any mood disorder such as anxiety, depression or other stress related issues. It helps to bring me back into my body and out of my head. I feel more grounded, connected with my body and at ease after receiving a massage.



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