March Emergence

5 minute read

Although the month of March contains some continued waves of winter, it does mark the turning of the season. Brighter days and warmer weather start to tap us on the shoulder and tempt us towards an often much desired transition. As the natural environment begins to “wake-up” from its hibernation, we are presented with an opportunity to contemplate what, within us, could use a wake-up call. When we view the shifts happening in nature us as an invitation to enhance self-awareness, we move towards a more deeply connected and intentional way of being. Take a moment this month, as you begin to feel the change in the air, to ask yourself the following questions and allow yourself to be fully open to the answers that arise for you.

  1. What transitions are afoot in my life right now?
    -How can I contribute a supportive smoothness to this transition?
  2. In what ways do I need to “wake-up” up in my life right now?
  3. What parts of me are desiring to be more active, more alive, in this upcoming chapter?

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