Apprentice LMT Massage Savings!

Amara Massage Therapy & Wellness has launched our new pilot apprenticeship program! Save $15 off our regular 60 minute rate of $75 and see a new, licensed massage therapist who has just joined the field for just $60/60 minutes.  In exchange you will be emailed a short google form where we ask that you offer critical feedback to your therapist so that they can learn and grow further into their massage practice.  LMT’s participating in our pilot apprenticeship program will participate in ongoing continuing education here at Amara as well as bio monthly meetings with their mentor.  We greatly appreciate your participation in this educational program and do hope you will enjoy the amazing services you will be provide by our Apprentice LMT’s! Learn more about our two apprentice LMT’s, Kathryn and Melissa. See today’s available appointments HERE.

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